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Making Radiation Safer - the Dosimetry Company

PTW is a global market leader for dosimetry solutions in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology, metrology and radiation monitoring.

The precision of our measurement technology is legendary and has built PTW’s reputation as a quality and technology leader in medical radiation measurement.

For almost a century, their innovations and technologies have contributed significantly to treatment success and patient safety in modern radiation medicine.

Today, PTW serves the needs of medical radiation experts in over 160 countries worldwide.

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Our Lab in Figures

Did you know that PTW is one of the oldest and largest dosimetry calibration
laboratories worldwide?


The oldest private dosimetry calibration laboratory worldwide


Accredited to international laboratory standard EN ISO/IEC 17025 since 1979


Calibrations performed on average per year


Member of the IAEA/WHO SSDL Network since 2000


Gamma and X-ray calibration facilities in full operation on 500 m²


Different radiation detectors or instruments calibrated on average per year

Top Radiation Therapy Products


Scan. Analyze. Monitor. Document. As simple as that. BEAMSCAN® comes with a powerful, feature-rich software that makes it easy for you to collect, analyze, process and format your beam data the way you need it. Select from ready-to-use, TPS-specific task lists and perform multiple measurement tasks in one go. Export the results to the optional Track-it QA database to track machine performance over time and document the results as required, in less time.


No tools. No tank shifts. No manual adjustments. Get your BEAMSCAN® ready to scan in a fraction of time using BEAMSCAN® Auto Setup.


There is a faster, easier way to level the water tank. Align the scanning axes virtually – without moving the tank or scanning arms.


Enjoy true Wi-Fi connectivity. BEAMSCAN® is the first 3D water phantom worldwide to include wireless operation and data transfer.


BEAMSCAN® combines speed and precision. With its automated setup and faster scanning speeds, BEAMSCAN® cuts commissioning time in half.

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UNIDOS® Tango & Romeo®

The New Generation of Reference Class Electrometers UNIDOS Tango is the first electrometer worldwide that automates detector management and identification. By using detector-specific data matrix codes and intelligent 2D code scanning technology, it saves time and eliminates the chance for mistyped data, particularly in clinical environments with multiple electrometers and different detectors in use.

Key Features

  • Striking Design
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Impressive Functionality
  • Less time
  • More safety
  • Intelligent Detector Recognition (IDR)
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Key Features

  • One system for patient and machine QA
  • 3D dose verification in phantom and patient geometry
  • Rotating phantom - true 3D, true isotropic geometry
  • Modular and scalable – various detector arrays and phantom tops
  • Cutting-edge detector technology based on Gold Standard ionization chambers
  • Verification of treatments including non-coplanar beams, off-axis target volumes or very large fields
  • One system for multiple techniques, including Halcyon
  • Simplified workflow - from measurement to case-related monitoring of QA results with optional Track-it
  • Water-equivalent phantom material – no density scaling artifacts
  • Extended dose rate range for FFF beams – no separate detectors required
  • Full field coverage with 3D Merge for better error detection
  • Simple commissioning process
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Quick consultation with a specialist

For consultation or a complete catalog, leave your phone number and our manager will contact you shortly.

Why ISO 17025 Accreditation Matters

Not all calibrations are the same.
Explore the benefits of using the services of an accredited dosimetry calibration laboratory.

  • Proven technical expertise in the field of radiological calibration
  • Traceability of measurements and calibrations to national primary standards (PTB)
  • Certificates and results recognized world-wide through ILAC MRA and EA
  • Appropriate determination and application of measurement uncertainty
  • Valid and documented test and calibration results
  • Verified and documented calibration procedures
  • Suitability, calibration and maintenance of the calibration equipment and facilities in operation
  • Documented quality management system with required participation in annual audits and inter-lab comparisons

Technical Support

Knowing what responsibility means.

At PTW, we understand that customer care does not stop with the sale of a product. A dedicated team of service technicians and support specialists is on hand to make sure you get the expert help you need – quickly and reliably.


State registration number: 01-09-325412

Tax number: 26347578243

Adress: 1133 Budapest Váci út 76, T2 földszint

Tel.: +36 70 429 39 29

Mob tel.: +36 20 324 73 21


Commercial Director: Szabo Ferenc

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